Symbol of Japanese Smoking Culture – Ancient Smoking Tube / by Hideo Ishii

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Smoking culture introduced

Smoking pipes are an essential part of Japanese smoking culture. Although you may have seen them in period dramas, ukiyoe (woodblock prints), and manga, few of you may have actually seen them.
Until the Meiji period (1868-1912), when paper cigarettes were widely accepted, people smoked cigarettes in smoking pipes.

There are various theories as to when the smoking pipe was introduced, but it is said to have been in 1543 (Azuchi-Momoyama period), when a ship carrying Portuguese arrived at Tanegashima.
It is said that the smoking pipe at that time imitated European pipes and Southeast Asian smoking implements, and that it had a large fire pan with a curved goose-neck and a long bamboo (rau) part, which is the handle.

Yes, like this.

This is Hideo Ishii’s ancient smoking pipe sold at SALUK.

It is characterized by its curved neck, large fire plate, and long bamboo, which are reminiscent of the way it was made when it was introduced to Japan.

Mr. Ishii, who has a career as a flue pipe craftsman, has produced flue pipes used in tea ceremonies and for display at the Tokyo Tobacco and Salt Museum, which is why he is able to produce this exquisite piece.

How to smoke a flue

You can actually use this smoking pipe.

Roll up the chopped tobacco for the flue into the size of a pachinko ball, place it in the fire pan, and light it.

Once the tobacco is slightly lit, stabilize the fire while inhaling.
Once the fire is stable, enjoy the smoke as much as you like.

Typical brands of cigarettes include “Koiki” and “Takarabune,” as well as “Matsukaze” and “Iroha”.

You can also cut a 1 cm piece of commercially available cigarette paper (with the paper still rolled) and place it on the burner to smoke, but it is recommended that you use a special one as they tend to clog up easily

Just as you enjoy a cigar or pipe in your own special time, you can play with smoke in a chic way with a smoking pipe, a traditional Japanese smoking tool.

Written by Kanako Kai, owner of SALUK

Ancient smoking pipe / by Hideo Ishii 】
・ Ancient smoking pipe 110,000 JPY
・ W460×D17×H40mm weight:48.5g Plate, neck, mouthpiece: Brass, body part: bamboo(Rau)

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