Japanese pewterware Makes Sake Taste Better

Attraction of Japanese pewterware

Just as each dish or beverage has its own appropriate vessel, it is a well-known saying among sake lovers that “when drinking sake, use a pewter glass.

Japanese pewterware is an attractive vessel that not only makes sake taste better, but also mellows it when filled with water, enhances the sweetness of tea when brewed, and makes flowers last longer when arranged.

Pewterware was introduced to Japan from China approximately 1,300 years ago. Tin is the most expensive metal next to silver, and was used for Shinto and Buddhist rituals, and was valued by the privileged classes such as aristocrats and warriors.

In the early modern period, as tin mines were developed in Japan, pewterware became widely popular among the general public. However, with the advent of World War II and the rise of aluminum and plastic products during the period of rapid economic growth, pewterware was rarely seen in ordinary households.

However, with the recent increase in interest in Japanese food and sake, pewterware is once again attracting attention. Many first-class ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants) and sushi restaurants serve sake with pewter sake bottle( It’s called Choshi) and sake cups, and many people are purchasing pewterware for their evening drinks at home.

Safety of Japanese Pewterware

We are occasionally asked the question, “Isn’t pewterware harmful to the human body?” However, pewterware is not harmful to the human body.
The reason for the mistaken belief that tin is harmful to the human body is that in the past, lead was added to pewterware in minute quantities to make it easier to process.

In Japan today, the Food Sanitation Law prohibits the use of lead in food and beverage vessels, so pewterware made in Japan can be used with peace of mind.

Characteristics of Pewter -Comfortable to use

Besides its excellent feature of making beverages tasty, pewterware also has the good feature of being unbreakable because it is a metal. Even though pewterware is unbreakable, it can be dented by a strong impact, but it can be repaired due to its softness. It is also very comfortable to touch or hold in the hand.

When Condé Nast Traveller visited our store for an interview, writer Chris Schalkx, who tasted sake in a tin cup for the first time, said, “I only drink sake in pewter cups anymore,” because the aroma is so elegant.

AYA METALWARE handled by SALUK uses pewter plate with 1% silver added to the tin.
The alloy gives it the proper strength and bounce to make beautiful pewterware.


Pewter will settle down in luster and become deeper in color. If you prefer it shiny, wipe it with a soft cloth and metal polish to bring it back to luster.

If you take good care of your pewterware, you can pass it on to the next generation, or even for a lifetime.
Why not find your favorite pewterware at SALUK?

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